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“Don’t Stop” Music video released

Don’t Stop from Joe DiBenedetto on Vimeo.

Director: Joe DiBenedetto
Cinematographer: Brooks Reynolds
Producer: Shamar Forte
Editor: Joe DiBenedetto
VFX Artist: David Lindberg
Mask Design: Lori McMahon
VHS Design: Ahmed Sheikh Husein
Sound Design: Steven Ejbick
Sound Mixed at Post City Sound Toronto
Makeup Artists: Jessica Hale & Sarah Smith
Gaffer: Thomas Bowser
Best Boy: Chris Horrocks
Production Assistants: Marc Clark & Marlon Miller

Tough Girl: Leigh Bowen
Dead Axe: Shamar Forte
Angry Boyfriend: Thomas Bowser
Girlfriend: Ashley Stennet
News Cast: Kyle Jordan and Oana Dragan

Filmed at 270 Sherman Studio and on Location at Select Video. Hamilton, Ontario

Bright Lights remix by naBBoo

Release date for the first single off theFEARmixes will be April 9th, 2013. Illustration by Eric Rosner JunoDownload has it listed already! the Bright Lights remix by naBBoo will also have a remix of the Bright Lights music video as well. *** Update *** video is done, check it out on Vimeo Shamar Forté – Bright Lights – naBBoo… Read more →

Bright Lights music video

Bright Lights music video released.

New World Group, VisualNoiz and Dallas J Logan worked together to create these visuals for the “Bright Lights” video.

Free iPod video download here.
Free MP3 download here.

Directed by Dallas J Logan and New World Group
Camera by Dallas J. Logan, Sean Biffar and Dan Boujoulian
Edit / Visual Effects by Dan Boujoulian / VisualNoiz
Art Director: Marc Clark
Stylist: Marc Clark
Shamar’s Makeup by Akil Bascombe
Model: Paula Nissen
Paula’s Makeup Sariah Eisenberg
Paula’s Hair : Rico
Whatever Singer: Krista Tietjen
Whatever Singing Model: Rayuana Aleyce
Rayuna Makeup: Victor Amos
Dancing Silhouette: Marlon Miller
Written by Shamar Forte and Z. Charles Hannah
Guitar: Alan Morillo
Music Producer Music Mix/ Engineer: David Labuguen
Music Producer: Z. Charles Hannah

Special Thanks: Red Car NY, Cameron Michael, Aaron Bawol & Elias Ragues

Captured entirely at West Street Studios, Greenpoint, Brooklyn